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Town rhythm

The rhythm of the town is marked by a series of events organized in Gostyń. Feasts, picnics, exhibitions and concerts are the magnet for the inhabitants and their guests.

Gostyń Days are the main event in the town, during which local performers and top artists from all over Poland make their presentations. However, the daily town rhythm is paced by non-governmental organizations. They activate the modernized market, which has become the heart of Gostyń. The square is a venue of happenings connecting culture, art, history and sport. The town bustles during the Night of Museums. It is the time when numerous events in various places are organized thanks to the commitment of associations and private collectors.

In summer the town is visited by the enthusiasts of  military accessories, who take part in Military Zone in the neighbouring Podrzecze. It is the time when Gostyń reverberates with old soldiers’ songs and engine roar of historic military vehicles.


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