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The landscape of Gostyń region is very picturesque. Colourful patterns of fertile fields, meadows and forests are cut by moraine valleys with slowly running waters of the Kania and Obra Rivers. The region is typically agricultural, but at the same time it offers a splendid environment for weekend excursions, especially by bike. One can find various cycle routes and their number is constantly growing.

The northern part of the commune belongs to the Krzywińsko-Osiecki Conservation Area. Forests are much diversified with different tree types and varied animal species.

Torfowisko Źródliskowe (a spring peat-bog) is a tourist attraction of this territory. It is a nature reserve situated in the vicinity of Gostyń, a real paradise for the enthusiasts of fauna and flora. About 250 types of vascular plants and cryptogams with a typically developed Juncus subnodulosus can be observed here. The reserve is one of the most valuable natural objects in Wielkopolska (Great Poland).

During excursions, the village of Ostrowo is definitely worth visiting. You can admire beautiful moraine landscape there from a slope of a small hill.


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