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Many inhabitants of Gostyń devote every free moment to their passion. There are also those whose passions turned into professions, and professions into passion. Such a relationship often brings interesting effects. Undoubtedly, private collections of unique old cars, scooters, bicycles and historical military vehicles are worth mentioning. Local philatelists, too, have a respected position in the country, not only due to their precious collections, but also because of their outstanding talents to organize regular exhibitions.

Thanks to history enthusiasts, many unknown details from the past of the town and region have been discovered. Knightly traditions are fostered. The enthusiasts of military accessories organize special meetings of historical reenactment groups. A lot of people are devoted fans of horse riding. Their love of horses derives from the traditions of the region, which is widely famous for the production of  horse carriages.

Passion, hobby, and adventure – everybody who personally knows the thrill when the collection becomes enriched by a unique exhibit, who feels the excitement accompanying any discoveries or fulfilling dreams – knows that joy. Life gains a new meaning.


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