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Sport is an important domain of social life in Gostyń. Sports facilities, constantly developed by the local government, prove this fact. Gostyń inhabitants can use the town's indoor swimming pool, a modern bowling alley, a stadium, tennis courts, sports halls and multipurpose sports fields. These facilities are also exploited by sports clubs and organizations, some of which have long traditions. For example, Kania Gostyń, which is one of the oldest ones, has been distinguished for its exemplary work with the youth.

Bowlers, young volleyball players and cyclists can all boast about the achieved results. Boxing, karate and other martial arts are also very popular. Young swimmers develop their abilities at the swimming pool, and hockey players practice at the skating rink.

Gostyń is the place where famous sportspersons started their career. It is the place where a footballer Andrzej Juskowiak (later top goal scorer at Olympic Games in Barcelona) scored his first goals and where a racing driver Kuba Giermaziak started his adventure with motorsport.


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